Health Sectors

Health cooperatives are active in different sectors.

Cooperatives usually formed by doctors or health professionals who provide services related to the treatment and cure of diseases.

Cooperatives whose members provide themselves with the material and professional means necessary to be looked after in case they suffer from a health problem. Or cooperatives whose members provide themselves with the facilities for doing their job.

Cooperatives that offer insurance policies entitling users to the direct provision of healthcare or to the financial compensation of a stipulated amount in case they suffer from a disease as well as compensation for the cost of treatment.

Cooperatives that provide services to groups that require care, such as home care for the elderly or care for sick people with mobility difficulties.

Cooperatives whose function is to improve the welfare and health of citizens and prevent the onset of diseases.

Cooperatives dedicated to the distribution of medicines and health products. The cooperative provides services to members and ensure the retailing of pharma products, even in rural or difficult areas. It is a solidarity model focused on adding value to pharmacists and improving equity in patient access to medicine.